Kaiserstuhl Percussion

was founded by Friedemann Stert in 2003.
Thanks to the great commitment of the young musician students "Kaiserstuhl Percussion" has developed very quickly to become a well-known ensemble throughout the region and beyond.

Composers such as Eckhard Kopetzki, Matthias Schmitt, Markus Halt, Emmanuel Séjourné, Dieter Mack, Bernhard Wulff and Johannes Stert dedicated compositions to this young orchestra.

There are three CD recordings available as well as one live DVD in celebration of the 10th anniversary. The specialist magazine "Drums & Percussion" called the ensemble a very dedicated project which is setting remarkable standards in the field.

Among the musical highlights of the ensemble are the guest performances at the international frame drum festival "Tamburi Mundi" in Freiburg, at the "Internationale Musikfesttage Bohuslav Martinu" in Basel (Switzerland), in the Konzerthaus Freiburg and on the TV channel "SWR" as well as its Annual Concerts at the winery of Franz Keller in Oberbergen. The 2008 concert tour to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and another tour to Austria in 2016 are also unforgettable events of "Kaiserstuhl Percussion".

The outstanding event of the ensemble in its 15 years of existence was the cooperation with the percussion group of the SWR Sinfonieorchester BAD/FR conducted by the Chief Conductor François Xavier Roth in February 2014. The two ensembles together interpreted "Ionisation" composed by Edgar Varèse and "Dance Music for Elfrid Ide" by John Cage as well as works by Dennis Kuhn and Emmanuel Séjourné. This cooperation was an unequalled education project at the highest level!